We provide services that range from getting you connected to the Internet at the most competitive rate and speed in the area to being able to help you design, patent, and even monitor your connected things.

  • Internet

    Fast and Lowest Cost Reliable Ubiquitous Network Starting Out at $19.99 per month

  • Engineering

    Partnered and Experienced Engineers with People, Processes, and Tools Available to Help You with Electronic Hardware, CCA/PCBA, Embedded Firmware, Renewable Energy Design and Planning and more

  • Maintenance

    We have competitive rates on helping you with your maintenance needs, such as networking, engineering, software changes, SCRUM, AGILE, and Renewable Energy

  • Energy Monitoring

    Our Monitoring Services Focus on Providing You with Improved Awareness and Control Over Your Things, such as Solar Energy Production or Home Automation and Much More

About Services

Solarzing was started to help increase the build out of self-reliance systems. The founders of the company have been involved in renewable energy engineering and products for over 15 years and feel that the company is founded on helping empower the business and individual with technology and resources that will put our society in the best direction to each become self-reliant. The founders heard the challenge from Elon Musk, asking us as a society to work together making clean energy a part of our future.

Start being self-reliant today by getting involved in renewable energy. You can reduce or completely eliminate your electric utility bill today by either paying for solar energy monthly at a rate of almost half of what you pay the electric company today or just buy the solar system at a wholesale price and get a return on your investment in less than *3 years.

The Monthly Power Payment Plans can start out as low as *$80 per month with no upfront cost or a System Purchase and Install Price as low as *$7,500 for a 3-4 kW System Installed. Even when purchasing the entire system, you can make the payments over a 3-month term for around $2,500 each month.

Internet (Burstable Speeds)

2 Video Streams 25.99
5 Video Streams 39.99
10 Video Streams 49.99
20 Video Streams 59.99
Business Service Add 5 per month
Service Level Agreements Available Starting at 99 per month

Maintenance, Engineering, Electronic Design, Patent Development, SOC, and Microprocessor Software Development and Licensing

65 to 85 per hour or 10% lower than any competitor

Energy Monitoring or Content Hosting

5 per month or 10% lower than any competitor

Energy Installation

65 to 85 per hour or 10% lower than any competitor