Start being self-reliant today by getting involved in renewable energy you can reduce or completely eliminate your electric utility bill today by either paying for solar energy monthly at a rate of almost half of what you pay the electric company today or just buy the solar system at a wholesale price and get a return on your investment in less than *3 years.

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  • Lower Power Bill Payments

    You can save by producing your own energy using solar power. The more power you produce the more you will save, not just by reducing your power bill but by improving and giving back to our environment and society's future.

  • Decrease your carbon footprint

    You may have heard that because of the increased cost to enable us to clean the environments from pollution, we may soon see society force fees upon those that pollute and allow us to truly realize the benefits to utilizing renewable resources.

  • Increase Home or Business Value

    The more awareness about solar that is understood the larger the potential for it to benefit the value of your home or business.

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