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How to Install a Solar System from SOLARZING

Site Inspection Image
Step 1-Site Inspection, Design Plans, Permitting

- Site Inspection
- Design Plans
- Permitting

Step 2-Find Rafters, Roof Mounting, Mount Rails, Optimizers, Pictures, Panels, Junction Box, Roof Penetration

- Roof Mounts
- Rails
- Panels

Wiring Conduit Image
Step 3-Run Conduit, Electrical Wire, Inverter, AC Disconnect, Service Panel, Commissioning

- Conduit
- Wiring
- Service Panel
- Inverter

Solar Labels
Step 4-Pairing or Mapping, Labeling, Final Inspection

- Labels
- Final Inspection


You can reference your energy bill usage or take all your appliances and look at the sticker and calculate the amount of power it may use by multiplying the voltage by the current (amps). Another method is to get a Sense from us and have us do an energy audit and monitor your usage and get a more accurate power usage for your situation.

A Solar DIY Kit is a solution for you to buy all the major parts that you need including a other parts and services that you wouldn't think of getting such as a installation plan and permit document, MC4 Tool, and disconnect. Items that are typically in a kit, include the solar modules, micro-inverters, mounting hardware, junction box, clamps, clips, cable management, end clamps, splice connector, and labels.

Yes, We can provide special kits for commercial use that can use ground mount hardware, non-penetrating hardware, and 30kW multi-connected inverters.

We would have you reference the NEC 690.x section and still reference other important sections of the NFPA and NEC 2017 Code Book. There are easier methods to verify that you are code compliant and that includes talking to your local jurisdiction authority.

We started with the customer in mind and are trying to ensure that you get the best return on your investment, don't get charged too much, and that you have a system that has the quality that will last for 25+ year. We also have some special staff that has some unique experience in engineering, RF, Internet, construction, roofing, and other key experience to making sure a successful installation is performed.

This can take 2 weeks to 3 months depending on complexity of installation, parts availability and backlog of permit in your local jurisdiction.


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We Partnered with Tesla, LG, and Green Energy

We decided to work with the community and Tesla to get referrals and licenses to work with Tesla! We went through Tesla's training program and did our first few installs using the Tesla Powerwall 2, Gateway 2, and Solar Modules starting in 2020. We have since installed over 30 kW of Tesla modules and over 70 kWh of Tesla Storage. We also partnered with LG Chem in 2019 and have installed over 100 kWh or storage during 2020. We do have other battery solutions that are lithium battery based and we hope to continue to keep people powered up even when the grid is down.

Tesla PLP Solar Cover
We Partnered with PLP for Solar Covers

At the start of 2021 we started to install solar covers, for cars, pools, garage, and temporary work tents with Solar. We also finished our PLP training to resell and install their systems for extra support and deployments.

LG Green Energy Tesla Battery Home Backup
We finished a large 19+ kW Solar System with Tesla Solar and Powerwall

During 2020 and into 2021 we finished a few large residential Solar System with Battery Installs! We are improving our ability to install Tesla, LG, and Green Energy Systems with Partial and Full Home Backup Options.

Meet the SOLARZING Team

Weston Johnson Founder
Weston Johnson
CEO and Founder

Associate in Aeronautical Technology, Bachelor in Electronic Engineer, Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Masters in Electrical Engineering, Private Pilots License, General Contractor, and NABCEP* Professional Solar Installer

*North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner
License # PV-062420-020492

General Contractor
License # 11847354-5501
B100, E100, S202, S280, S350

HVAC Technician Certification
License #8487B7DF20446E961

Derek Johnson Founder
Derek Johnson

Founding Member in 2015 and focused on the Financial and Partnering divisions of the company. Bachelor in Business Finance, Outdoor enthusiast, and founding member of the company with experience in agriculture, banking, lending, investing, M&A, and more. He has experience with large growmath companies such as Johnson Financdialog and Investments, Earnst & Young, Netzing, and now Solarzing.


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