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Solarzing batteries come in a few different forms. Lowest cost may be in a C10 form and others are like a Powerwall Energy Storage System. We customize some of these batteries to be a great fit for connecting to a Solar Hybrid Inverter. Hybrid options are great for providing power backup during night. They are charged by solar panels during day from sunlight. Batteries are a key component of a solar system that needs to operate with low light or nighttime. The higher the capacity, the better the battery performance. Solarzing solar batteries are lithium and do now require any maintenance but should be located in a good environment that won't get too cold or too hot.

Solar system battery prices are dropping with continued worldwide efforts to manufacture more lithium battery cells. Solarzing provides a variety of options to Solar Lithium battery solutions but at a competative price and with an expected level of quality.

  • Replacement warranty offered on the product when used in a good environment
  • The battery systems have integrated battery management systems and typical a good display
  • We provide our own branded set of options and then other very popular brand names, such as LG, Tesla, Atlas, Grenergy, etc.

How do you choose the right solar system battery?

If you are trying to buy a solar battery from Solarzing and do not have the foggiest idea how to choose the right one for your home, let us help by calling us at 435-319-0981. The typical math to use is take your devices voltage and amperage and multiply them together to get wattage and then take the capacity of your battery in watt-hours (volts times amps) and divide the capacity by the watt hours being used by the device. For example, if your fridge uses 150 watt per hour and you have a 5,000 watt-hour battery then 5,000 * .90 (90% usable capacity) / 150 = 30 hours. You may want to consider system inefficiency losses to get a more accurate estimate of how long the fridge would really operate on that sized battery. You can multiply the 5000 * .90 * .86 if the losses are 14%.–

You will want to consider –

  • Battery capacity measured in Amper-hour (AH)
  • Battery warranty
  • Price, warranty and battery AH.

Solarzing is an experienced and tried-and-true supplier of the best quality solar batteries in America. Get your product for the best price.


In response to the rising cost of energy and solar system installations, the Johnson brothers (Weston and Derek) teamed up to create SOLARZING, a solar installation company that offers affordable solar to Southern Utah. At SOLARZING we want to ensure our customers have the best solar to take advantage of our sunny Southern Utah climate. We love our area and the many opportunities we have here! 

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