5.1 kW (16 panel) System

• Basic Installation
• Grid Tie in only
• Site Survey
• Site Plans
• Permitting
• Load Letter
• Roof Mount only
• Solar Panels
• Optimizers
• Tile Replacers
• Clamps and Caps
• MC4 Connectors
• 100 Fee of Wiring and Conduit
• 2 Junction Boxes
• Grid Tie Inverter
AC Disconnect
25 miles or less of 84790

$15,500* – Cash Price

26% ($4,030) ** – Federal Tax Incentives

$1,200 ** State Tax Incentives

* - Pricing good through 6/30/21

** - Federal and State Tax Incentives are for tax year 2021 and subject to change from Federal and State Governments.

Additional items not included:

- No battery included

- No additional loads panel included

- No movement of breakers/outlets at request of home owners included

Additional costs not included above:

- Wiring: $1.07 per foot over 100 feet

- Conduit: $.85 per foot over 100 feet

- $.58 per mile outside of allowed 25 miles range

- Ground Mounting Equipment

- Custom installation items (will be notified of addition cost at time of site survey)


In response to the rising cost of energy and solar system installations, the Johnson brothers (Weston and Derek) teamed up to create SOLARZING, a solar installation company that offers affordable solar to Southern Utah. At SOLARZING we want to ensure our customers have the best solar to take advantage of our sunny Southern Utah climate. We love our area and the many opportunities we have here! 

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