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Introducing Solarzing Smart Home

Solarzing has started to provide new smart home products and services with a focus on Smart Automated Power Systems. We are proud to become a dealer and installer for Solarzing, Span, GE, Tesla and Solar Edge. These systems are of premium quality, easy-to-use and a full whole home automated and connected solutions.

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Energy Generation and Distribution

Aging infrastructure, increasing power outages and growing concern for the environment are all driving the modernization of the utility grid. These factors, combined with an increase in renewable generation, are forcing a paradigm shift in power distribution and consumption to lower cost and provide resiliency.

Savant Power Companion Modules
Savant Power Companion Modules

Smart Electrical Panel

Installing the Solarzing Smart Home with focus on Smart Power breakers and smart electrical panels enable you to monitor and control every circuit and even place some circuits into zones, where they can react automatically during configured event or group of events. The primary focus of being able to have smart power is to allow for flexible load management to best optimize your power usage and even adjust loads during peak-rates or special scheduled events.

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savant power breakers and modules
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Flexible Microgrid

By combining on-site energy generation, battery storage and Flexible Load Management our customers have complete control over their energy assets. A Solarzing Power Microgrid puts the power back in the hands of the consumer.

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Energy Independence

Reliable, clean power whenever you need it. The Solarzing Power Micro Grid keeps the power on when the utility grid fails. With the press of a button, you can proactively disconnect from the utility grid to ensure clean, reliable power.

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Environmental Stewardship

Smart Homes can be eco-friendly without sacrifice to your quality of living. Homeowners can view available green energy production, dynamically control consumption and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

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Energy Monitoring

Homeowners and businesses can view how much and where energy is being used. Viewing by time of day, load, circuit or group of circuits delivers information to make adjustments and control energy costs.

Make a Power Move

Take control of your energy consumption and loose your dependence on the grid and save.